• Hi, I'm Lorraine

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    I have been a professional adviser for more than 20 years, firstly as a lawyer and then as a financial planner.


    I use a mixture of coaching and mentoring skills with practical advice and information to help clients feel empowered and financially confident.


    When returning to work after a career break, I became more and more curious about how I could help people who, regardless of their income level, felt stuck in their career or in a relationship that wasn't working for them.


    I wondered how I could help people who, on the face of it, had good incomes and lifestyles but who felt guilty or ashamed that they were not doing more or achieving more with their money.


    I wanted to help people to stop settling and to take action to transform their life.


    I have always been interested in personal finance, but there have been times when work, children and a busy life took over and my relationship with money was reactive not proactive.


    I also realised that "being good with money" wasn't enough. It was one thing to be knowledgable about finances but it is another to manage the stories and any limiting beliefs that have formed over the years, especially the influences we learn as a child.


    It was only when I gave money my attention and worked on my money mindset and goals as well as money management that my relationship with money changed. Being good at only one of these skills was not enough. Working on all 3 areas consistently helped me create a more solid financial foundation, took away stress and just made life better.


    This is what led me to financial coaching. I love coaching my clients who go on to transform many aspects of their life, not just their personal finances. I was delighted when a recent client said working with me was “the best money I've spent on any professional by some distance."


    As well as working with clients individually and in small groups, I also deliver financial wellbeing workshops in companies and organisations who want to improve their employees' wellbeing.


    I have recently joined the Executive of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW), a member led organisation that is committed to helping professionals in the finance industry who want to improve their clients financial wellbeing by making them happier, not just wealthier.



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    You can book a free 20 minutes Discovery Call with me to discuss your initial money concerns.

  • K from Devon

    "I had financial coaching from Lorraine at a time when I was making a very big career transition, moving from a regular salaried income to a portfolio career. I have never been particularly good with money and had accrued some credit card debt and some bad habits. But I knew I needed to change as I moved to my new career. Lorraine helped me get on top of my finances (both personal and business); she helped me look at the cashflow for my business and my longer term goals. It has been absolutely transformational and easily the best money I have ever spent. Within 6 months, I've cleared my debts, am building my savings and have a completely different mindset. It's helped me with my negotiation with my business and set me up for the future. I can't thank Lorraine enough for her steady support, great ideas and her whizzery with spreadsheets!"


    Louise from London

    "Have just been going through some of your earlier emails and revisiting the advice. Wanted to thank you for the detail, time and thought you put into each one. I unexpectedly found myself out of contract from June to October which was a financial wake up call. So, following your advice, I have now uploaded my details onto EMMA and completed the Habitudes survey to understand my spending habits. Just wanted to say thanks for being so thorough. I really appreciated it then and even more so now.


    "Great to talk. This is the best money I’ve spent on any professional by some distance, I can already see that. You’ve set me into action completely, I’m updating our action Trello board with tasks, we’ve opened a Starling account and we spent the evening discussing this. Huge thanks for setting out these actions, incredibly helpful. Look forward to the next one."


    "Money coaching was something I had recognised I needed badly quite some time ago but had kept putting off in true ostrich fashion until I finally realised how much better it could ultimately make me feel. Lorraine was an absolute pleasure to work with - a winning combination of skill at explaining things and gently but firmly helping me set achievable goals. By getting me to take very doable baby steps towards understanding and changing my money mindset and then progressing onto an easy scheme for management of my finances, I got to feel in control of all things money related for probably the first time ever - and that’s a truly great feeling!"


    "Lorraine is a very thoughtful and insightful financial coach. She went above and beyond what I was expecting and approached my goals by first understanding my ‘money personality’ before getting to the numbers. Her advice has been invaluable in allaying a lot of my money worries. Lorraine has a flexible and personable approach which I personally find as one of her best qualities as it makes it easy and comfortable to have detailed discussions with her to gain clarity around financial matters. Thanks Lorraine !"