• Like it or not, MONEY MATTERS

    If you want to break free from old patterns, take control of your money, take your financial life to the next level and live the life you deserve without guilt or worry, then let me help you.


    I am a financial coach and I can help you get the life you want. This means taking control of your day to day finances, filling in gaps in your financial knowledge, identifying your financial goals and breaking free from the bad habits and self limiting beliefs that sabotage your best efforts.


    Financial coaching can help everyone regardless of your level of wealth or income or if you are young and starting out or older with responsibilities. Money matters throughout our lives, it's not what you have or what you earn but rather what you do with it.


    Unlike financial advisors, I don’t have any products to sell. My job is to work with you to take your financial life to the next level - whatever that may be and help you feel good, confident and have peace of mind with your financial decisions.

  • How Can I Help?

    Getting control of your finances

    You might want to start from basics with organising your finances and making sure you make it through to payday. Or, you might be on top of your finances and know what you need and want to do but something is stopping you. You keep getting in the way. No matter where are you are in your relationship with money I can help.


    I help you get better control over your day to day finances and find practical solutions to money challenges. Essentially equip you with the necessary skills to make you better at managing your money.​​

    Providing Financial Knowledge

    If you are on top of all the day to day finances but feel you need some guidance on financial issues, I can fill in gaps in your financial knowledge. I help you understand financial topics as you navigate the different stages of your life - starting your career, getting married, starting a family, becoming single again, buying a home or saving for retirement. I arm you with all the facts you need to make confident financial decisions and change your financial life for the better.

    Money/financial plan

    Having a great financial system and knowledge is a brilliant start but to get the life you deserve you need to know where you are heading This means identifying your short and long-term life goals and figuring out how you can afford them. For example, if you want to buy a house one day then lets come up with a plan to make it happen! That means working out how much you need to save for a deposit, what you need to do to get a mortgage, what might it cost etc. Putting some real numbers and timelines into your plan and getting you started - without these it will never be more than a thought. We can work together to identify solid, achievable goals and a money plan to help you get there.


    Don't let anyone, especially you, stop you getting the life you want

    I make sure you have the knowledge and resources you need to achieve your goals but it’s also important that you know where the biggest challenges might be and develop strategies to deal with these. Often the biggest threat to achieving our potential is ourselves. I can help you identify any bad habits, behaviours or beliefs that might sabotage your good intentions and stop you from achieving your goals.


    I won't talk down to you or make you feel stupid, afraid or ashamed of your money past. I will teach you what you need to know in a fun, non-judgmental, comfortable way that actually makes sense.



  • Who Am I?

    Lorraine McFall is the founder of Money Matters Financial Coaching, a financial coaching company that helps people get better with money and live the life they want to live.


    Lorraine uses her legal and financial experience to help clients achieve financial wellbeing. She equips her clients with the skills they need to get better at managing their money by not only offering practical advice and filling in gaps in clients’ financial knowledge but also helping clients explore any self beliefs that impact their relationship with money. Being good with money is only part of the solution and Lorraine helps clients identify what their financial goals are and develop a financial plan to help them achieve their goals.


    Lorraine's career has focused on advising or coaching clients. She is quick to grasp the intricacies of individual’s lives and develops effective relationships with clients by engaging their trust and communicating in clear and concise language.


    Lorraine has an LLB (Hons) from the University of Glasgow, an MBA from Strathclyde Business School, a Diploma in Financial Planning. Lorraine has trained with Wise Monkey Financial Coaching and is a member of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing.

    Lorraine McFall

  • K from Devon

    "I had financial coaching from Lorraine at a time when I was making a very big career transition, moving from a regular salaried income to a portfolio career. I have never been particularly good with money and had accrued some credit card debt and some bad habits. But I knew I needed to change as I moved to my new career. Lorraine helped me get on top of my finances (both personal and business); she helped me look at the cashflow for my business and my longer term goals. It has been absolutely transformational and easily the best money I have ever spent. Within 6 months, I've cleared my debts, am building my savings and have a completely different mindset. It's helped me with my negotiation with my business and set me up for the future. I can't thank Lorraine enough for her steady support, great ideas and her whizzery with spreadsheets!"

    Louise from London


    "Have just been going through some of your earlier emails and revisiting the advice. Wanted to thank you for the detail, time and thought you put into each one. I unexpectedly found myself out of contract from June to October which was a financial wake up call. So, following your advice, I have now uploaded my details onto EMMA and completed the Habitudes survey to understand my spending habits. Just wanted to say thanks for being so thorough. I really appreciated it then and even more so now."


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