• Are you living the life you really want to live?

    We are all aware that wellbeing is incredibly important and taking care of our personal wellbeing gives us the best chance of success in all areas of life. I believe financial wellbeing is the foundation of all wellbeing and no matter what stage of life you are at, or how much money you earn, a combination of good money management skills, a good money mindset and clear goals are necessary to provide you with everything you need to achieve financial wellbeing and empower you to create the life you want.


    I use my financial skills and knowledge to help hardworking, high achievers replicate the success you enjoy at work or in your business, in your personal finances. I can help you break free from old habits, take control of your money, feel financially confident and empowered to make the changes you want to make and live the life you want, without guilt or worry about money.


    Clients I have coached have cleared their debts, feel in control of their day to day finances and have started saving for their future and achieving their goals. They have changed their money mindset, identified their money blocks and are using strategies to overcome them. They report having more confidence, more headspace, better relationships, less stress and improved self-worth. They have transformed their lives.



    "I got to feel in control of all things money related for probably the first time ever - and that’s a truly great feeling!"

    If any of these statements sound familiar and you are ready to change your relationship with money from the inside-out, create lasting change and take action to create a better future, then I can help you.


    Are you good at what you do and you are always seeking to improve both personally and professionally, but numbers are not your thing.


    Do you understand that every decision has some sort of financial implication but in practice you are not as intentional about money as you would like to be?


    Are you proactive in many other areas of your life but not in planning your finances?


    Do you worry that your relationship with money is not in a good place and you are not doing enough with your money?


    Do you want to consistently make progress towards your financial goals and feel more confident about how you manage your money and prepare for the future, but you never give your future your time and attention?

    My goal is to use more than 20 years experience as a lawyer and IFA to help you develop the money mindset and strategies to help you live the life you want.
    It’s time to stop settling. When you are in control of your finances, you feel confident. You take more risks in your career and leave situations and people who are not serving you. You feel safe. You have options.
    Money does not define us, but it does empower us.
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    Talking about numbers might not get you excited, it might even make you feel a bit anxious or scared but knowing your numbers is an essential first step to give you the headspace to understand and change your habits and behaviours, to achieve your goals and achieve real results. If you decide to work with me, you will:

    • Get clarity on your financial situation and identify what is working well and what needs improving
    • Organise and manage your money better.
    • Identify, articulate and quantify your financial goals
    • Develop your own personalised, step by step, blueprint to empower you to take control of your financial future
    • Fill in gaps in your financial knowledge.
    • Establish actions and milestones to help you implement the plan and we will review and adapt depending on your progress
    • Stop feeling guilty and ashamed that you are not doing more or achieving more with your money
    • Identify any limitations you put on yourself and change your relationship with money for good.
    • Develop better habits with money and strategies and to curb the bad habits
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    It’s now time to prioritise you, to stop procrastinating and do something to create the better future you want for you and your family.


  • What my clients say

    K from Devon

    "Within 6 months, I've cleared my debts, am building my savings and have a completely different mindset. I can't thank Lorraine enough."

    James from Winchester

    "This is the best money I've spent on any professional by some distance."

    Julia from Suffolk

    "I got to feel in control of all things money related for probably the first time ever - and that’s a truly great feeling!"

    Louise from London

    "Following your advice, I have now uploaded my details onto and completed the Habitudes survey to understand my spending habits. Just wanted to say thanks for being so thorough. "

  • How Can I Help You?

    There are a range of personal programmes or Wellbeing in the Workplace programmes that I run. Select below to find out more.

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    Top sportsmen, actors and singers employ coaches to reach their personal best. One on one financial coaching will help you achieve financial success.


    The goal is to empower you with the skills and the personal awareness to achieve financial wellbeing now and for the rest of your life.

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    Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace programmes underpin the general welllbeing of employees at every stage of their career.


    The Money Matters Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace programme is:

    • Simple to implement
    • Tailored to your employees' needs and interests
    • Cost effective

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